Fogger / Mister

  • Super-fine static fogger/mister especially designed for cooling and humidifying greenhouses, and livestock, and for irrigating over rooting tables
  • Bridgeless design.
  • Recommended filtration: 130 micron / 120 mesh
  • The filtration method is to be selected based on the kind and concentration of the dirt particles existing in the water.
  • Wherever sand exceeding 2 ppm exists in the water, a Hydro-cyclone filter is to be installed before the main filter
  • Acid-resistant (AA) raw materials, thus allowing the application chemicals to pass through the system. The system can be cleaned by application of suitable acid treatments
  • Inlet connector: Press fit
  • 3 different configurations:
    • Cross, 4 nozzles
    • Tee , 2 nozzles
    • Straight, 1 nozzle
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