Man is slave to water                           

Main areas of human water use are Agriculture, Industries, and domestic. It is estimated that world wide about 85% of total human water consumption is used in agriculture for food production. Agriculture (Irrigation) is utilizing water with efficiency not greater than 50%. Water is dimensioning day by day. Great care is to taken to let our coming generations quench their thirst. We need to focus on irrigation water use and must try to increase application efficiency.

EMECOP Sprinkler Irrigation System has an efficiency greater than 75% with uniformity well over 85%. In Sprinkler Irrigation Systems we offers:

  • Turf Sprinkler Irrigation System
  • Agricultural Sprinkler Irrigation System

Turf Sprinkler Irrigation System

  • Pop Up Sprinkler Irrigation System for Golf Courses, Parks, Play Grounds, and Home Lawns
  • Portable Raingun Irrigation System for Play Grounds, Golf Courses, Parks
  • Domestic Sprinkler (Green Product) with easiest connection and simple operation
  • Pop Up Sprinklers Irrigation System for Road Center Medians, Interchanges loops of Highways

Agricultural Sprinkler Irrigation System

  • Over Head Sprinklers (Wide range and medium range) rainguns for field crops, like Wheat, Rice,Vegetables, Tobacco, Potato, Maiz, Water Melon, and like
  • Over head Mini Sprinklers for Wheat, Vegetables, Sugarcane, Sugar beat and like
  • Over Head Sprinklers (Raingun and Mini Sprinklers) for frost protection of crops like, Potato, and others
  • Portable Raingun System for field crops
  • Mobile Sprinkler/Raingun Irrigation Units