Online PC Drippers (Pressure Compensating Drippers)

  • Drippers are manufactured from virgin plastic for stable performance.
  • The silicon rubber diaphragm ensures consistent performance for a longer period.
  • A narrow cross-shaped inlet acts as a filter.
  • Openable dripper – east to clean.
  • Optional anti-bug – prevents the entrance of ants /bugs into the dripper.
  • The self-cleaning design ensures flushing at start up, shut down & during the option
  • Provide 100% homogeneous water and food distribution in a wide pressure range for more homogeneous and high yields
  • Provide Consistent flow rate and flawless operation
  • The number of drippers can easily be increased to meet a sufficient amount of water for your plant
  • Eliminates the effect of drainage and filling and increases the efficiency of irrigation
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  • Greenhouses, orchards, fruit crops, nurseries & flowers
  • Recommended for undulating terrain & steep slopes
  • Specially for Tree irrigation recommended


  • UV Resistant
  • Recommended filtration; 120 mesh – 130 micron
  • The manufacturing coefficient of variation, CVm < 5% ensures high field emission uniformity
  • Punch diameter 2.9 mm


  • 8 LPH PC Dripper
  • 12 LPH PC Dripper
  • 16 LPH PC Dripper