Raingun Ducar 150

Raingun Ducar 150 is imported from Turkey. It the one of the best rainguns in Pakistan. Its wetted radius is up to 180ft. The minimum electric motor HP required is 40 HP. The minimum engine HP required is 70HP.

Power requirements may vary from site to site. Raingun price in Pakistan varies from brand to brand and from model to model. However Ducar 150 Raingun is very economical as compared to competitors, yet very durable and reliable.

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Highly efficient sprinkler rotating in a full circle or in the range of angle settings you make when required, operating at high pressure and equipped with transmission. With its replaceable nozzles and moving water-breaking system, it enables you to irrigate your field with an excellent and uniform water distribution. It rotates by full-circle and semi-circle at the same speed. Its smallest nozzle is 20mm.

With this nozzle, its minimum water requirement is 30 tons/hour. Its biggest nozzle of 32 mm spends 108 tons of water per hour. It is a versatile version of our rainguns. It is widely used for fields of corn, sugar beet, potato, alfalfa, wheat, etc. It is suitable for any use, agricultural or industrial. It is suitable for flange or quick-connect.

Technical Info

Usable Nozzle Diameter Range: 20mm – 32mm
Water Consumption Range: 30m3/h – 108m3/h
Shooting Radius Range: 35meter – 63meter
Body Angle: 25°

Technical Brochure