Raingun Pelican

Raingun Pelican is Impact Type, imported from India. It the one of the best rainguns in Pakistan. Its wetted radius is 20 – 33m. The minimum electric motor HP required is 3.0 – 5.5 HP. The minimum engine HP required is 13.0 HP. Power requirements may vary from site to site.

Raingun price in Pakistan varies from brand to brand and from model to model. However, Pelican Raingun is very economical as compared to competitors, yet very durable and reliable.

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Water gun available in 1-1/2″ BSP/NPT male threaded connection and 23o trajectory angle. Aluminum-die cast body and arm with jet break screw to change the water jet from heavy droplets to a fine spray.

Suitable for over tree irrigation for bigger crops like sugarcane, oats, maize, tea, coffee, fodder, landscape, etc., and horticulture also for pastures and dust suppression.

Technical Info

Recommended Pressure 2.0 – 5.0 kg/cm2 or 30 – 70 Psi.
Recommended spacing up to 36m for higher distribution uniformity.
Trajectory Angle: 23°


Technical Brochure