Sand Media Filter

  • Locally Manufactured
  • Filtration flow rates range from 15 to 60 m3/hr.
  • Complete filtration solution
  • With Manifold
  • High-quality, corrosion-resistant vessels,
  • High efficiency
  • Rated at 10 bars pressure
  • Flange connections
  • It is used as a pre-filter in the drip irrigation system. Disc or screen must be installed after the sand filter system
  • In open-source waters, it prevents clogging of contaminants to the sprinklers and pipes and gives more efficiency to the system
  • Suitable for use in landscaping irrigation systems minimizes pipe clogging and pipe defection.
  • It is used as a cleaner in treatment plants and units. It provides more efficient operation and a longer service life for treatment devices.
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